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Niners Next Opponent Dumps Rams
September 09 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers beat the Denver Broncos in pre-seasonbut the Rams lost to the Broncos on Sunday. The Rams are regarded as the team to beat in the NFL, but the opening loss may shift the attention to the AFC.

The AFC West, the division the Broncos play in this week, and the division the 49ers and the NFC West is set to play this season, was the only undefeated division after Kick Off Sunday. Clearly a strong division, the 49ers and the rest of the NFC West for that matter will be faced with tough games all season.

The Broncos used the same defensive scheme to beat the Rams that they practiced against the 49ers in pre-season. Lots of pressure on the quarterback and being physical against the receivers on the line of scrimmage allowed the Broncos to find victory against one of the best NFL teams during the season. The Broncos will likely take the same approach to the 49ers in week two of the NFL season.

At least the 49ers will have the opportunity to prepare and not be surprised by the Broncos. Clearly they are a team on a mission, and one prepared to take on the best the NFL has to offer. The 49ers will have to strategize around the Broncos tactics that have already proved successful at stopping some of the best the NFL has to offer.

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