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Coaching Reactions
August 20 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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I was not overly impressed with the 49ers coaching staff in this game. The team lacked poise being flagged for their most penalties of the summer. Mariucci let his starters play until the end of the second quarter, and thankfully no one was injured. The starting teams wonít likely see that much action again in pre-season.

True to form, the offensive and defensive play calling was very conservative. A change from last year though was that it was not very predictable. On offense it was especially nice to see a few longer plays called. The coaching staff needs to get JJ Stokes a few more looks in each quarter if they really intend on freeing up Owens.

Jim Mora called a good defensive game. He adjusted his defense to stop the run and his unit only gave up seven points. Still a lack of pass rush and a few poorly chosen zone coverages could have been planned better.

The best call of the game was to challenge a ruling on the field as to the spot of a football on the first down. This was handled well by the 49ers staff.

I canít fault the coaching staff for not putting a lot of ingenuity into their game plan. They have made a point all summer not to reveal their cards for the regular season. Really I think this is a good idea. My biggest worry after this game was the constant penalties. I really thought the 49ers had put that issue behind them. With two games in nine days, we will likely see just how poised this team really is, and how well the coaching staff actually prepares them. The win was good for the confidence, but itís not the Wís that count, itís how the game was played (in pre-season of course) and while there were some very good aspects of this game, there were also some negative points, like penalties and no touchdowns both of which donít reflect that well on the coaching staff. Itís not that coaches did poorly, itís just that they didnít do as well as weíve seen them perform.

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