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Broncos May Bring It All on Defense
August 18 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The Broncos are one team that hasnít really held out much this pre-season. While teams like the 49ers have been washing down their offenses and defenses, the Broncos have been going almost all out - especially on defense. The 49ers will play the Broncos again in week two, but the 49ers believe the Broncos have already shown them everything they have in earlier pre-season games, so itís quite likely the Broncos will bring it for Monday Nights match up.

Defensive coordinator, Ray Rhodes, who once held the same position with the 49ers is working under another former 49er in head coach Mike Shanahan. Both these coaches remember the days of the old 49ers, where they played to win no matter what. And so while most teams spend the summer warming up, the Broncos have spent the summer running hot.

Rhodes is well known for his talents as a coordinator and this pre-season has brought a lot of heat on opposing quarterbacks. The 49ers would be very well served to keep a little extra protection in for Jeff Garcia in particular. The team knows their season lies on his shoulders, and while he wants to play more, this pre-season game is one where the 49ers quite simply should not be taking chances with Garcia. Get him in and out as quickly as possible, while still getting him some quality play time. Protection is key, so donít be surprised to see running backs or tight ends staying in to help block for Garcia.

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