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Moving On With Knowledge
September 20 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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For the past week, I along with the rest of the bay area media have focused primarily on what went wrong with the 49ers in week two, and in some cases we were still harping on week one. This will be my final article about what the 49ers needs to learn from the Bronco game - and will focus on the abundance of short plays, the type of offensive line protection schemes, the profusion of penalties, and the teamís really poor onside kick.

In the Bronco game, the 49ers did not complete a passing play greater than 15 yards. This of course was a big problem in the team inability to move the ball down field, crossing mid-field ever so rarely. Clearly this number has to go up, and over the past week, Iíve spoken about how the coaching staff, quarterback, receivers and running backs can improve in this area.

The offensive line protection schemes need a little bit of tinkering. Itís not that the line has done a terrible job, but given the lack of time they have had playing together, the 49ers have not done a lot of pulling of guards and different line schemes. I believe that to be successful, this group needs to take advantage of their versatility and agility. They need to be innovative and use different schemes to help get the offense rolling. In other words, they have to control the line of scrimmage.

Of course penalties were a huge problem in the teamís second game of the season. The team committed 10 penalties for about as many yards as the Broncosí passing game generated. Of course this number needs to be reduced. The coaching staff needs to get the team to focus on every snap, and not commit penalties before and after the each play. Itís one thing to get called for holding, or pass interference, but a complete other thing to get flagged for personal fouls or jumping offside. I sincerely hope that the coaching staff harped on this issue all week.

Finally, at the end of the game when Jose Cortez attempted the onside kick, it was really poorly executed. The result of the kick was unimportant, but the poor execution of the kick has me worried that if the 49ers were ever needed to recover the kick to win the game, that they wonít be able to execute it. Clearly more practice is needed here.

Thatís it folks, from this point on, Iím focusing on the Redskins and what the 49ers have to do to defeat them. Simply put - itís time to move on.

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