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Brockermeyer Not Rushed
May 24 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers got some very encouraging news about the health of free agent, offensive tackle, Blake Brockermeyer. Reports from Brockermeyer’s second physical with the team were quite positive. MRI results indicated that there were internal improvements, and a greater range of motion in his shoulder was also evident. Still reports showed that Brockermeyer is not quite ready to take the field.

The 49ers management are awaiting more predictions from their medical team regarding a timeline for Brockermeyer’s recovery. While the team does not intend on rushing him to return, they would like him to be available, at least off the bench, within the first few games of the season. Both sides have reportedly had very positive conversations with one another.

The 49ers have expressed a rough contract figure to Brockermeyer’s agent, but have made no formal contract proposal, and likely wont make one until a timeline is known. It is believed that Brockermeyer is considering all of his options - but the 49ers unofficial offer of a long term deal, with time to fully heal is bound to be one of the best opportunities Brockermeyer will be given.

Donahue stated that the interest in Brockermeyer had nothing to do with a lack of faith in their starting offensive line. He emphasized the Brockermeyer would not be guaranteed a starting slot on the team, but feels strongly that Brockermeyer is the type of player that will indeed improve the 49ers team, and protect quarterback Jeff Garcia.

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