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49ers Still Interested In Improving OL
April 16 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers made it their mandate this off-season to improve their offensive line. The team was most concerned for finding a replacement for 40-year old, Pro Bowler, Ray Brown. They found that replacement last week when the team signed another former Pro Bowler, Ron Stone, who happens to be 10 years Brown's younger. But the team may not be finished.

Last season the team returned its entire offensive line. The result was a fair bit of success. But the line did struggle against bigger defensive lines - like in the playoffs against the Packers. The team is not willing to let that happen again.

Before signing Stone last week, the 49ers began negotiations with another stud offensive lineman, Blake Brockermeyer. And as previously reported by 49ers Paradise, the team is still in negotiations with him now that Stone is signed. Brockermeyer is wavering between the 49ers, and the Broncos. In the event of him signing with the 49ers, coach Pat Morris would have the 'world' to work with (so to speak) along the offensive line. Brockermeyer would be a huge addition to the line and would allow the 49ers to dominate.

The other option of course will be to use the draft. There are several very promising prospects in the draft this year. The 49ers could benefit from either drafting one to aid in the line's rotation and be groomed for the future, or they could go after one high in the draft that may be able to take over the starting role from one of the veterans on the team.

Regardless of whether the team signs Brockermeyer or not, it's quite evident that they will look to continue to improve their offensive line. Keeping Garcia safe, and opening holes for the run game will be key this season, as they are every season. And with a bigger more dominating offensive line, the 49ers would stand a better chance in matching up with some of the top defenses around the league.

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