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Brockermeyer Still On Agenda
May 23 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
It was somewhat surprising to learn that offensive lineman Blake Brockermeyer was still on the 49ers agenda. Brockermeyer is one of the best free agents available at the offensive line position, but due to a shoulder injury, he hasnít landed himself a roster spot yet. It is believed Denver is also interested.

Brockermeyer was in attendance for some of the 49ers mini-camp as he underwent his second physical from the team. The 49ers are hoping that an extra month was enough time for Brockermeyer to regain strength in his shoulder. If Brockermeyer does pass the test, it is likely that the 49ers will actively pursue his signing.

Although the team was hopping to get results of the tests on Wednesday, team doctors reported that there may be no consensus on the health of Brockermeyer until Thursday at the earliest. The 49ers are very excited about landing Brockermeyer, but are being very cautious about his injury.

The team is looking to protect Jeff Garcia in every way shape and form, and Brockermeyer would be a great aid in doing so. He would most likely battle Derek Deese for the starting left tackle position, providing much more size to the left side of the line. The move would also allow Deese, the most versatile lineman on the team, to be the first man off the bench.

A healthy Brockermeyer would be a tremendous addition to the 49ers. Not only would it improve the starting offensive line, but it would bring much needed depth to a depleted area of the team. The 49ers want to be able to sign him, but likely wonít take the risk if Brockermeyer doesnít pass the physical with flying colors. The last they want or need is another Gabe Wilkins.

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