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Boos Rain Down
September 17 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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As the third quarter came to a close against the Broncos, and it became pretty evident that the 49ers were unwilling to try and win the game, the boos rained down from the stands. The fans were right the 49ers were stinking up the joint. It really pains me to say that the fans were right to boo my beloved team, but the 49ers need to know we disapprove.

JJ Stokes agreed with the fans. "If I was in the same situation as them, I'd boo, too." And that just shows how bad the situation really was on Sunday. Stokes rarely speaks out against problems with the team, but as the only receiver who seems to catch every ball thrown his way, he likely knows where the fans are coming from.

Yes I, along with the tens of thousands in attendance at the game are faithful to the team. We arenít about to start cheering for the Patriots because the 49ers are struggling. But the team needs to know that the fans disapprove, or changes may never come.

During the 49ers rebuilding phase, when they won ten games in two seasons, fans understood that the team was young and rebuilding. Fans were simply looking for improvement. After bouncing back a year earlier than anyone could have imagined, 49ers fans have returned the Super Bowl or die attitude to San Francisco. So when the team doesnít even look playoff bound, itís reasonable to presume that 49ers fans will disapprove.

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