Bobb McKittrick- 12/02/99
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With the 49ers suffering through such a bad season, most 49ers sites, including this one have overlooked the ailing Bobb McKitrick. Bobb is the offensive line coach of the 49ers and earlier this year was diagnosed with bile duct cancer; the same disease that Walter Payton, the Hall of Fame running back suffered from and eventually lead to his demise. Bobb is an excellent character, a class act, and 49ers fans everywhere should really pay tribute to him, as well as be inspired by him. McKittrick has been undergoing chemotherapy all season, and refuses to sit home, he attends most games and practises and will leave this earth as a 49er- forever. Earlier this year, McKittrick was set to undergo a liver transplant to correct the problem, but when the doctors began their examination of him, they found the cancer had spread, and Bobb was no longer eligible for the operation.

McKittrick began with the 49ers during the Walsh years and has been one of very few stale mates to keep with the team over the years. His loyalty and efforts should be commended, and Bobb should receive the recognition he deserves.

In most cases, McKittrick was forced to work with sub-par linemen to protect his quarterbacks, and he did so with excellence. Players learned to be offensive linemen under McKittrick, but most importantly they learned to be men. He did such a great job that he kept 49ers quarterbacks healthy for two centuries of greatness, all of which was barely noticed.

Many players who have passed through the 49ers talk very highly of McKittrick, of his integrity and character. Bobb truly is a gentleman by every sense of the word. As 49ers fans we should feel honoured to have a man of such greatness to be on our team. To Bobb and his family I would like to extend my personal best wishes on behalf of 49ers Paradise and all of his fans.
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