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49ers Reduce Penalties
September 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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After a pre-season that was filled with miss-steps, movements, and illegal procedures, the 49ers managed to regain their discipline. The team committed only five penalties for 29-yards, which was a vast improvement over the pre-season. There are of course several reason for the improvement.

It started with increased pressure from the coaching staff to remain focused during the game. The staff pressured the team all last season in order to improve on two years of suffering through penalty filled seasons.

Of course, much of the change has to be related to just an overall improvement in the focus of the team. The shift from pre-season to season form, for many players is enough to reduce penalties throughout the game.

Finally during pre-season games, much of the game is played by players who are not only not starters, but often wonít even make the active roster. As season begins, the players that take part in the game are the polished veterans and up and coming youngsters that got where they are because they donít make mistakes.

And so after week 1, the 49ers seemed to have regained their focus. They certainly didnít have an impressive opening game victory, but they were able to escape with a win, and that was largely due to the team not beating its self with penalties and of course, turnovers.

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