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The Infamous Beep Drill
April 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers traditionally finish their first mini-camp with a grueling fitness test, dubbed: "The Beep Drill". The drill involves running a from one line to a parallel one a distance away, at the sound of a 'beep' from a loudspeaker. The team gives a decreasing amount of rest time between each beep. Each position is given a minimum amount of repetitions it must complete in the drill - the elite however make it to the end. The winner of the drill receives a fair bit of prestige, and is often regarded as the most fit player on the team.

Most often, that winner is a quarterback or a defensive back. Both positions on the 49ers are typically filled by great athletes, and quarterbacks are also given a little bit of an edge with not having nearly as much running to do during practice as players in other skill positions. This year was no different. Jeff Garcia once again clinched the title "Beep Drill Winner".

Garcia was put to the test by rookie Kevan Doman, a fellow quarterback looking to make his name known on the team, Doman proved to be quite the athlete. In running with Garcia he likely grabbed the attention of the coaching staff too, and that's extremely important as the team only sees its self bringing two out the three quarterbacks competing for the third quarterback spot into training camp. Doman who, as any rookie would, looked slightly overwhelmed during his first camp with the team, took a big step by proving his athleticism. Doman will have another chance to prove his worthiness to the team, when the rookie camp convenes on May 16th.

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