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On Top Of The Division
October 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Itís been a while since the 49ers have gone through seven games holding first place in the NFC West. Perhaps even longer since the team beat ever one of its divisional rivals. And while the team hasnít come close to perfection yet they are certainly enjoying their time on top of the NFC West - and of course so are their fans.

Itís amazing that when the 49ers went 4-12, fans didnít complain. It wasnít that the coaching sucked, or that the quarterback didnít have a strong enough arm. The focus was on improvement. Rather than complaining about the team, fans looked for the positives. These days, win or lose the fans have something to sayÖ too much this, not enough that, and by many account itís their observations that make the season so exciting.

The 49ers are indeed having a good season, despite what some fans will have you believe, and they are finally back on top of the NFC West - the position

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