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Fred Beasley Hands Of Stone
September 11 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Fred Beasley was thrown to twice in the 49ers first game of the season. While Beasley managed to hang on to one of the balls, the other passed through his outstretched hands. This of course wouldn’t be news if not for his history of having reliable hands.

This off-season though, something happened to Beasley, and he simply began having trouble handing onto the ball. His struggles were evident in practice, pre-season and now have carried over into the regular season.

The fullback receiving out of the backfield is known for bringing key plays in the West Coast Offense. The 49ers need Beasley to return to his old self and bring the team yet another offensive threat.

Beasley’s struggles are due in large part to the lack of ‘looks’ he gets in the game and during practice. With the 49ers so full in the offensive backfield, Beasley is likely surprised to see the ball come his way when it does, and thus starts trying to make a play before the ball is ever received. The result, more often than not is an incompletion.

Beasley, like a rookie has to be taught to catch first, and run second. His blocking is simply un-rivaled in the league, but he was certainly a better, more well rounded player when he could catch too.

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