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Patience Is A Virtue
August 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Fred Beasley is regarded as one of the best blocking fullbacks in the NFL. The talented ‘linebacker killer’ has made a name for himself bulldozing defenders. There was a time though, when Beasley did more than just block, and this summer, he’s trying a little too hard to remind the 49ers of what he can do.

Formerly a standout short yardage back, with tenacious blocking and good hands out of the backfield, Beasley was relegated to mainly blocking duty last season. The 49ers simply feel that have too many other running backs that are better at running and catching the Beasley. So, when the situation calls for a lone back set, or when the team needs only inches, it rarely looks to Beasley.

Naturally the fullback wants the ball in his hands more often, and wants to be a bigger part of the team. Beasley, a seasoned veteran, set out this summer to remind the 49ers of the things he can do other than blocking. So far though, Beasley has had a few mishaps - and they are likely happening because he is trying to hard to make a play.

Turning up field before he has actually received a pass, a classic receiving mistake, has lead to at least three incomplete passes coming Beasley’s way. If Beasley was a little less eager to prove to the 49ers that he can do more, perhaps those passes would have been caught.

I by no means intend on chewing out the fullback, as I truly believe he is one of the best football, but it’s time someone told Beasley to take a deep breath, relax and let good things happen, to make the play after he has the ball, and to concentrate on the little things. Only then will Beasley be able to prove to the 49ers that he can do more that just stop defenders in their tracks.

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