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Kevin Barlow To See The Ball More
June 10 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Itís not exactly news that the 49ers intend on getting the ball more to running back Kevan Barlow. Barlow had a tremendous rookie season complimenting Garrison Hearst. Now with a year under his belt, a full off-season with the team, Barlow has a much better grasp of the offense. The second year player has looked incredible during the off-season, receiving constant praise from the coaching staff. So why not get him the ball more?

The 49ers donít want to cut back on Garrison Hearstís touches. Hearst signed huge deal this off-season to keep him with the club, but as Barlow matures, it may be Hearst becoming the change of pace back. Although the change over isnít likely to occur this season, if Barlow continues on the learning curve he apparently is on, he could be starting by September 2003.

The 49ers will find a way to get Barlow the ball more. It may mean lining Hearst up as receiver, with Barlow and Beasley in the backfield. It may mean putting Hearst and Barlow in the backfield. Regardless of which approach the team takes, Barlow will get his hands on the football more this season, and he will be a huge factor as the 49ers look to improve upon their early playoff departure last season.

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