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Backing Up Center
June 7 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
With the rescinding of a contract offer to center Ben Lynch, the 49ers were left without a center. As previously reported Dave Fiore appears to be a likely candidate to move over if Newberry were to get injured. But as the story continues to develop, we learn more.

It’s interesting to consider that if the 49ers had Blake Brockermeyer on their team, things would be a little different. If Newberry were to be injured, it would likely occur a little ways into the season, giving Brockermeyer plenty of time to heel from his injuries. He could then step in to Derrick Deese’s position, while Dave Fiore moved to center and Deese to Fiore’s spot. This would likely be the best scenario for the team if it intends to carry no second true center on the team. Of course it also depends on a huge wild card, in the signing of Brockermeyer.

The team is also considering teaching the position to Eric Heitman and Milfrod Stephenson. While it appeared that with the current personnel the team would want one of these guys or Matt Willig to step into Fiore’s spot, as he moved to center, it now appears that the team would rather one of these two players move directly to the center position, keeping Fiore where he is.

The prospect of singing Brockermeyer is still very intriguing. It seems that it will all come down to health. Alternatively, if Ben Lynch doesn’t get the offer’s he expecting in free agency, the 49ers may ask him back to the team for less salary.

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