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Mini-Camp Only A Day Away
May 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you tomorrow itís only a day away. Yes folks, from talking with 9ers fans across the internet, one thing is clear, weíve all been waiting for some 9ers news. Sure the arrest of Vinny Sutherland was something to talk about, but itís not really what we are all interested in, is it? I mean, when the only national media coverage the team has received over the past few weeks is about a kick returner who may or may not make the squad this season, well somethingís wrong.

I try and keep the 9ers fanís appetite at bay with articles on the progress the team is making, players whose injuries are getting better, and so much more that is often ignored by those who get paid, but letís face it. The information we are looking for comes from the team practicing together, and this weeks mini-camp should finally fill our stomachs.

Thatís right, starting tomorrow the 49ers will host their second mini-camp of the season, this one for selected veterans and rookies. Among the veterans in attendance expect all quarterbacks and kickers to be present. And yes, even Vinny Sutherland, out on bail will be there. Gee it really sounds terrible saying that. ďOut on bailĒ in relation to the 49ers, Vinny may just have written a one way ticket out of San Fran. Stay tuned folks for even more, better coverage of the team we all love.

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