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Anelli Progressing Well
June 22 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Rooke tight end Mark Anelli has been impressive so far this off-season. Since being drafted by the 49ers, Anelli has given the 49ers some real hope for depth at the tight end position. While second year player Eric Johnson is untouchable as the starter, the depth behind him was rather weak after the team released Greg Clark. Anelli, certainly will shore up that depth.

The big tight end excels in blocking situations. About Clark’s height, and about ten pounds heavier, dawning number 85, he could easily be mistaken for Greg. But Anelli can do more than just block - he has soft hands and can find holes in zone coverage, and the 49ers have been impressed with these skills too.

Anelli will immediately challenge Justin Swift for play time, and looks to be an upgrade at the position. Swift is limited by his physical attributes, but knows the 49ers system well and has done everything they’ve asked him too. This training camp battle will likely be one of the better ones, as it is one of the few spots on the 49ers roster where the team remains rather uncertain.

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