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Anelli Losing Out
August 23 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Mark Anelli may miss the chance of making the 49ers roster. The tight end has yet to prove to the 49ers that he can beat out Justin Swift who is the front runner for the spot behind starter Eric Johnson. Anelli may find a spot on the 49ers practice squad.

With Swift essentially securing the spot behind Johnson, with good blocking and solid hands, it pretty much finalizes the position. Baring injury of course, Ben Steele and Anelli will likely be released.

The rookie, Anelli looked like he could be a good tight end in the NFL, but he simply isnít ready yet. A good blocker with decent hands, and the ability to find soft spots in the oppositionís defense, Anelli would be a great project for the team. Itís for that reason that he could find himself on the 49ers practice squad - providing of course Johnson and Swift remain healthy.

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