A LOOK A HEAD - 04/07/99
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Before the 49ers make any more moves they better take a quick look down the road. The draft is fast approaching and it's been hyped up so much that the 9ers better make it a good one. However aside from the draft, it doesn't seem like there is much going on aroung 9ers headquarters. Now this is what Bill Walsh promised way back when he came to the 9ers. It is part of the process of neutralizeing the cap. The 9ers have been relatively inactive in the free agent market. Normally I would appluad this, however they haven't re-signed their players either. Sure a lot of contracts have been reconstructed, but seriously, that was over 3 months ago. What the 49ers need to do now more then anything is get Terrell Owens a contract. Owens is a star player, a go to guy, he is more vital then Stokes ever was to this team, and if the 9ers don't get him signed soon, they may be in jeporady of loseing him. Denver for one wants to make Owens an offer as soon as they find out the status of John Elway, it appears Elways is leaveing and this doesn't look good for 49ers fans as it will clear cap room for Denver.

Signing Owens is part of the key to building a great future of the 9ers. He can be the main man where as Stokes may be good, but he isn't at the same level. Owens is just the foundation of the future 9ers though, providing we sign him, we will still need a future QB to assume the role of Steve Young. Drukenmiller is as good as gone, and unless the 9ers see something huge in Garcia they will likely draft a quarterback within the next two years, most likely this one.

The 49ers are aging in many other areas too, the offensive and defensive lines, the defensive backfield is almost non-existant. Basically the only sound positions for the future of the 9ers are safety, where Zack Bronson, and Lance Schulters are young stars on the rise. Another position that is safe for the future is running back, where Garrison Hearst is the man. If the 9ers are smart and they sign Owens, then they will be fine at wide out too. Tight end is safe where Greg Clark and Chad Fann have a lot of talent. Other than that the 9ers need work on just about every postion. This years draft should produce some prospects for the future, hopefully it will live up to all the hype.

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