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49ers Officially Add Three To Roster
May 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
In a follow up to earlier reports the 49ers have officially signed three players to their roster. All three players are expected to be camp players, but none are really expected to make the teamís final roster.

The players were safety Kenny Harris of Northern Iowa, receiver Mike Jennings of Florida State and linebacker TJ Turner originally from Michigan State. Of the three, Turner has the best chance of making the teamís roster. The linebacker position does have some room for competition unlike the other two positions and Turner has some NFL experience too.

The need to sign a receiver and safety were largely due to John Keithís injury as well as the injury to two unrestricted free agent receivers. The team needs the bodies at camp to set up as many scrimmages as possible and get the best look at all of their players.

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