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Do the 49ers Need To Add To Their Roster?
June 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
As the 49ers continue to ax players off their roster, the question as to whether they should add any new talent to it becomes prevalent. Truth be told, the 49ers have a fair bit of depth at every position. The team is so stacked up; it even has a real competition at all three special teamsí skill positions. So do the 49ers really need to sign a free agent?

Naturally, the answer is indirect.

Thereís simply no way to really predict the usefulness of a free agent, or whether an injury to a player will force them into free agency, but all things being equal, the 49ers current roster is quite strong.

At quarterback the team has a clear cut one and two position, with three players vying for the number three slot. The top six running back positions are all full, with plenty of competition behind them. The team has three solid top receivers, and at least one other capable of playing in the NFL. Along the offensive line, the team has a fair bit of talent too, with all of its starters already in place.

On the other side of the ball the team has more safeties than it knows what to do with. It has three starting caliber cornerbacks quite a bit of depth behind them. It has six real candidates for the linebacking position too. The team boasts at least four solid defensive ends, and four defensive tackles.

The roster is practically filled out. The 49ers feel they can improve at three positions though: the offensive line, receiver and defensive tackle position. And so it will continue to play in the free agent market. The team will evaluate players to see whether they would actually be an upgrade over any of its current roster members. Donít however; expect the team to pounce on a free agent. With a roster this full, the 49ers have the luxury of not shelling out big dollars for mediocre players.

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