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Avoiding Hazardous Activities
May 31 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Steve Mariucci told the media that he will be cautioning the players on what extra curricular activities they should and should not be partaking in between now and training camp. The cautious Mariucci would like to prevent as a many injuries as possible, especially with recovery time being reduced as every day passes.

Mariucci will ask that the players not water ski, ride motor-cycles, play sports that are not part of the teams practice schedule, as well as any other hazardous activities. Due to contract restrictions NFL teams do not have to pay players for non-football related injuries.

Mariucci also said that he would be disappointed if Terrell Owens returned to the USBL at this point in the off-season. Although Mariucci originally supported the idea, he wants Owens to focus only on football.

The words of caution simply make sense for a team that invests millions of dollars in its players. In the event of a major injury there may not be enough rehabilitation time at this point, and thus the need for the extra words of caution from the coach.

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