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Andre Carter In Pursuit Of Excellence
July 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Ask Andre Cater about his rookie season, and he may give you a look of disgust. While Cater may have lead the team in sacks, with six and a half, heíll quickly tell you that he didnít reach his own expectations. Carter, of course was hardly a liability at the defensive end position, but he did find that dominating from his spot, against tackles was much more difficult against the mammoths of the NFL than it was in college.

Towards the end of the season, as Carter began to find his place in the defense, and relying on his abilities, rather than worrying so much, he did begin to bring the heat. But Cater, the son of the legendary Rubin Carter, was still not very pleased with his overall performance. Wanting of course to pick up where he left off, and not start from cold, Carter made some changes this off-season.

After a short break this off-season, Carter received a call from his father, Rubin, to get back to work. Carter of course did not hesitate. He decided that the weight room was where he would spend most of his days. He has since added about twenty pounds of muscle. Clearly, Carter had, had enough of being brushed aside by the mammoth tackles he faces over the course of the season.

Looking chiseled from stone, Carter reported to camp determined to improve on his rookie season. A very smart player, Carter improves on the fly and rarely makes the same mistake twice. He keeps notes on his performances and studies them, so he knows where he can improve. Heís the type of players that coaches gloat about, but it wont be enough for him, until he himself is satisfied with his performance.

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