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49ers Lacking Pro Bowl Votes
November 8 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The NFL publicized the results to date of NFL fan balloting for this years Pro Bowl (you can vote at and not one 49er was listed in the top ten offense or defense. The news does not bode well for a team that had an abundance of players in the Pro Bowl last year.

Brett Favre lead the NFC offensive voting. The Green Bay Packers quarterback is once again leading his team to victory, and the best record currently in the NFL.

Rookie Julius Peppers leads the NFC defensive voting. The Carolina Panthers’ first round draft pick has had an impressive season so far, and has clearly won the confidence of fans throughout the NFL.

The fan balloting makes up just a portion of the voting for the Pro Bowl, but with the 49ers having a 6-2 season it is somewhat surprising that not only do they not have a single offensive or defensive player in the top ten of the NFC, but that kicker Ryan Longwell of the Packers has more votes than every 49er player.

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