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The 49ers Go for a Win against the Colts to get Back on Track

… The hotly anticipated game between then San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks last weekend was perhaps not the close contest that the football odds predicted, as the Seahawks sailed to an impressive 29-3 win. The two teams are in hot contention for the coveted NFC West Division Championship, and come the end of the season the loss may prove problematic for the 49ers.

For now though, their sights are set on the Indianapolis Colts ahead of their game on Sunday. Even though it is still very early days in terms of the season, sitting on one win and one loss after two games, the third could be decisive as to how the 49ers campaign plays out - for comparison, the 49ers only lost three and four times over the whole course of the 2011 and 2012 seasons respectively. Accumulating two losses by Week 3 would not be the start that many fans were hoping for.

Indeed, fans were not alone in the belief that the 49ers were on their way to another successful season after their game effort in the 2012 Super Bowl, as many football betting websites pitched them as being amongst the favorites to go all the way this time around. Whilst the Seahawks are heavily fancied to take home the Championship themselves, it is the severe nature of the loss that seems to have shaken some of the 49ers confidence.

It can't be denied that playing at the CenturyLink Field hurt the 49ers last week. Seahawks fans are known for their spirited support on home turf, and on Sunday went as far as to set a Guinness World Record for the 'loudest stadium'. Some 49ers fans, however, are not happy about the nature of the support - a letter written to the San Francisco Chronicle decryed the display as 'unsportsmanlike'. Whilst this may seem like sour grapes in the wake of a heavy loss, you can be sure that the 49ers contingent present at Sunday's game will certainly make their voices heard.

However, Seahawks support isn't the only factor that led to a 49ers loss. Troublingly, tar quarterback Colin Kaepernick stuttered after his excellent performance in the first game of the season, playing far below his capabilities. The team's injury report from last weeks game will also cause concern for fans, with nine players (including Kaepernick) being added to the injured list after their meeting with the Seahawks - hardly ideal going into a game that could end up being a crucial early moment of their season.

All this being said, the 49ers are no strangers to pushing on in the face of adversity, and Kaepernick's comments regarding last week's loss seem to suggest that the team are ready to take the fight to the Colts this week. Looking at websites for betting on football, the 49ers look to be the favorites to pick up a win, and indeed most football betting tips for Week 3 are suggesting that the 49ers will bounce back.

If you feel like putting a bet on after reading this article, and you want to learn how to get great football betting tips, then the key is keeping up to date with the latest information on the NFL by taking advantage of the many sources of the internet - and of course keeping an eye on the odds offered by websites that offer football bets.

It remains to be seen whether or not the 49ers will manage to return to form to face the Colts in light of the past week, but if you're looking to bet on football this weekend, that could work in your favour, as odds for a 49ers win are much more tempting for sports betting enthusiasts than they were before such a difficult week for the 49ers. The information shapes the odds, so if you can keep abreast of the latest, then you might find yourself ahead of the game.

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