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NFL schedule: For openers, don’t count on prime-time date for 49ers

This is a portion of a syndicated post. Read the original at San Francisco 49ers - Niner Insider Blog - SFGate.com or scroll down the Extra Point.

The NFL will release its regular-season schedule Thursday night and visions of a compelling Week 1 prime-time battle against the Seahawks, or the Falcons, or the Packers are dancing in the heads of 49ers’ fans. My advice: Lower your expectations.… Extra Point:

Talk of the NFL schedule and the voluntary workouts kicking off this week... you can just feel the NFL Draft around the corner. Ah yes, football is almost back.... but the NFL giving the 49ers a prime-time game in week 1 seems unlikely. 2005 was the last time the NFL set the Super Bowl loser up with a prime-time game in week 1. Though it does seem likely that the Niners will be at home as Oakland is likely on the road due to a conflicting baseball game. Of course for those of us eager to see some real competition, there is always the opportunity to follow some tennis, and participate in French Open Betting ... it may not be a NFL Fantasy league ... or Pick'em Context but heck in the offseason doesn't anything go? I mean Raiders fans are even dreaming of their chance at a Super Bowl.

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