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How will the 49ers fix this?

This is a portion of a syndicated post. Read the original at CSN 49ers headlines or scroll down the Extra Point.

It is the day after one of the worst days in Harbaugh Era history, and for the first time in years, that era is being scrutinized not with slackjawed admiration for budding genius, but for dry rot at the base.… Extra Point:
The 49ers are in quite a pickle. They haven't lost two in a row under the Harbaugh era, and now backed in the corner they have to fight their way out with no obvious means of doing so. Where will they find the fixes? Perhaps by trying to let the team play football... to dictate the terms of the game, and play to their strengths. It may sound simple, but it is exactly what the team has not done this season.. even in beating the Packers they did it based on what the Packers were giving them, not based on what they were taking.

Huddle About It:

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