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Ex-coach: 49ers LB Moody ‘bought into’ unglamorous college role

This is a portion of a syndicated post. Read the original at San Francisco 49ers - Niner Insider Blog - SFGate.com or scroll down the Extra Point.

Special-teams duty isn’t glamorous work, but it can lead to work in the NFL. That’s what Eddie Gran told his charges during his three years as Florida State’s special teams coordinator.… Extra Point:

Moody has a path to make the 49ers roster but it will take more than just special teams - yes that will help him - but the 49ers have brought competition in to shore up the special teams duty, and they much prefer players who are versatile enough to handle multiple roles at the bottom of the roster. That means, even if Moody is a stand out in special teams, he will have to be able to show he can contribute and learn the linebacker positions to truly secure a spot on the roster.

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