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Craig Dahl: The Rams knew the 49ers’ tell last season

Why did the 49ers have so much trouble with the St. Louis Rams last season? The Rams knew the 49ers’ tell, according to safety Craig Dahl. Dahl today said…

Extra Point:

I can believe that the Rams new the 49ers tell... what I wonder is why no other team was able to detect it. It really doesn't seem like the Niners tell was all that hidden. So were the Rams just better at realizing it? Had more talent to stop it? It is great to hear the Niners new most of what the Rams were looking at - that's a case of good self scouting, and something I have been critical of past coaching regimes for having an inability to manage. It still would have been good if they could have made the necessary changes over the course of the season.

Huddle About It:

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