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Baalke transcript: ‘No. 1 thing with Tank is getting him healthy, ready to play’

This is a portion of a syndicated post. Read the original at 49ers Hot Read or scroll down the Extra Point.

Here is what general manager Trent Baalke said in his news conference after Friday’s second and third rounds of the draft: How do you guys envision DT Cornellius “Tank” Carradine as far as where he’ll play? Is he a defensive… Extra Point:

I initially envisioned Tank as an OLB, but I like him - and this pick even more as a DE which is where the 49ers project him. He'll have an opportunity to learn from Justin Smith and Ray MacDonald and could provide that much needed back up / rotation that the 49ers lacked once Smith got injured. The Niners will also use him to rotate into a more true pass rush role as he proves himself.

This transcript provides a great deal of insight into Baalke's mind too as he discuses the other 2nd day selections of McDonald and and Lemonier. Both of who got great reports of versatility which I think played a big factor in the Niners drafting them.

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